First Impressions

Preparing Your Home For Sale

"First impressions matter when selling your home, over the last twenty years I have observed what buyers are looking at and most importantly how they react when inspecting a home. Below I have listed items that are a must when presenting your home for sale.Should you require any assistance with décor or adding accessories I would be happy to assist"
Elaine townsend


  • Clean cobwebs from verandahs, gutters, patios
  • Clean windows
  • Clean garage doors
  • Clean pathways
  • Check painted surfaces repair as needed
  • Check fences, gates
  • External lighting power points


  • Vacuum, clean, carpets, floors, grouting
  • Declutter 
  • Clean windows, ovens, stoves, sinks
  • Clean bathroom screens decalcified
  • Internal lights, power points
  • Smoke alarms


  • Mow lawns, mulch gardens, trim trees
  • Check reticulation, bores, controllers, solenoids
  • Check pool, pump, clean working order
  • Check pool fences condition , compliance

Shire Approvals

  • Patios, pergolas, gazebos
  • Extensions
  • Fences
  • Bore license

Staging & Styling

  • Style furniture for display rather than living
  • Engage a Stylist 
  • Create warmth homely feel
  • Hire extra furniture for areas that require it

Home Open

  • Clean thoroughly
  • Fresh coffee or baked bread smell
  • Ensure lights all work 
  • Tidy gardens