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Yes, we have finally caught up with the rest of the world and have a Facebook page.  Please look us up at Townsend & Associates Realty and like our page so you can keep up to date with what is happening with us and the real estate industry.



KINROSS ON THE MOVE!!!  At present there is an amazing amount of movement in properties being sold. Kinross is in high demand for rental and sales properties.  At Townsend & Associates we can give you an accurate appraisal of what your property is worth to sell or to rent out. We can offer very competitive rates for managing your property or selling it. If you would like any assistance please don't hesitate to contact of office.

Sellers while the Market is currently not as bouyant as it previously was please know that we ensure that all steps are taken to have Your Property Marketed to a High Standard and have still managed to achieve outstanding results in this market. Some of our Recent Sales Include:

53 Melfort Circle Kinross     $550,000

62 Selkirk Drive                     $650,000

15 Roxburgh Circle              $565,000

94 Kinross Drive                   $567,000

16 Ossian Way                      $639,000

17 Corsock Loop                  $615,000

31 Rutherglen Circle           $525,000

70 Selkirk Drive                    $545,000

5 Dunfermline Way              $545,000